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Hi, I'm Imola.

Pediatric sleep consultant and mother.

When I was expecting my first baby, I attended many-many courses about going into labor and nursing, read all articles about baby clothes and safe sleep, and everything else I could find. None of these resources mentioned baby sleep at all.


When we came home from the hospital, we were so full of love and joy, we didn’t even believe this was possible. Nursing went perfectly, the baby was so cute and everything seemed amazing, but despite that, she was crying a lot and not sleeping much. We had no idea how to make our baby sleep. She simply wasn’t able to keep sleeping once she was placed in her bassinet.


I enlisted in a newborn sleep class and after a few days, everything was clear. By the age of 8 weeks, she was sleeping more or less 8 hours in a row at night. By the age of 5 months, we did not even need formal sleep training, as my baby was sleeping 11-12 hours and putting herself to sleep. This helped me a lot during the fourth trimester, as I was rested and I did not need to worry about sleeping. My life changed.

My success encouraged me to dive more deeply into sleep so I can help my friends and family and anybody who needs to sleep so they can be happy and great parents. I graduated from The Cradle Coach Academy as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant and also joined the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. I have successfully worked with several families since then from the US and Hungary and I can’t wait to meet more. Will you be the next family I can help to get sleep?

Our philosophy

Sleep Fairy’s philosophy is to reach the desired sleep goal together with the family that is ideal for the baby. I always pay huge attention to the child’s age and the family’s special needs, their habits, and everything important for sleeping, and implement those in the personalized plan. I do my best to put together a plan that will help little ones to get their restorative sleep, and make the parents are also feel confident with the program. I am working with several techniques to always find the best fit for each family.

Are you ready for the restful nights and a happy, relaxed morning?
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