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    Restful sleep for your baby and the whole family.

    With your personalized plan your child will learn how to fall asleep on their own and sleep all night long.

    What Families Say

    I’m so impressed by how effective Imola’s sleep training technique is - my baby is sleeping through the night since day one! …

    Stella, 11 months old

    DSC_8292 (1)_edited.jpg

    Be your best self with your child, you all deserve to sleep.

    Did you know that being rested reduces the chance of postpartum depression?

    Your child’s mood relies on your mood too, so if you are happy and well-rested, so will be your child.

    Did you know that if your child gets quality sleep at night, they will perform better at school and be less likely to have behavior problems?


    Hi, I'm Imola.

    I am a pediatric sleep consultant and mother. I want to help your little one to get the necessary amount of restorative sleep so you can get your much-needed sleep too.

    How will you spend those two or four hours of freshly earned free time every night while your child is happily sleeping?
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